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The 2014 Lib Dem Presidential Race

The contest to replace Tim Farron as Party President has been quite underwhelming so far, with the flawed but fascinating campaign of Pauline Pearce the only real standout. In Pauline’s place come four white, middle-class candidates whose campaigns to date display varying degrees of blandness. All of them have questions they need to answer not […]

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Osborne and the Politics Of Fear

Today George Osborne has, yet again, invoked his own version of the politics of fear in his keynote speech to the Tory faithful today. Interestingly he chose to focus not on the subject which Lord Ashcroft thinks is losing the Tories support to UKIP – immigration; instead he chose a further assault on the welfare […]

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The Lib Dem Pre-Manifesto – the missing elements

Never has a document quite so widely trailed as the 2014 Liberal Democrat pre-manifesto, released a fortnight ago, been met with such a shrug of indifference. While it is a lengthy and thorough document, enhanced through engagement with the Federal Policy Committee (though debate ultimately met an unsatisfactory guillotine), it suffers from a lack of […]

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To be on the positive side….

Let’s focus on the positives, whatever the outcome of today’s events in Scotland. Today is the first UK election in which 16 and 17 year olds have been able to vote. That itself should be a cause for celebration. socialise this:

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Interesting times in German Liberal politics

Any German-speaking readers might be interested in this report of the birth of a new Social Liberal party in Germany to rival the declining FDP. The two issues identified by its founding members where views diverge are welfare and the environment. The economic liberal FDP has for many years prioritised economic growth over environmental protection […]

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