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That Manifesto “Front Page” In Full…

Nick Clegg has published what is claimed to be the front page of the Party’s manifesto. This comes as a surprise to members of the party’s Federal Policy Committee for reasons probably best not gone into here. For my part I can now say what I said at the most recent meeting of that committee […]

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2015: can it get worse for the Lib Dems?

2014 was every bit as bad as it could be for the Liberal Democrats. Not only did the party come much closer than many thought to a total wipe-out in the European elections but a series of disasters combined to leave morale just about as low as it could be. While those Lib Dems involved […]

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A Pubco Scam Primer….

For those people still trying to understand the perverse history of the Great British Pubco Scam, Good Beer Guide editor Roger Protz has written a comprehensive history of the rise of the pubco here. Good holiday reading. He also warns of the likelihood that these parasitic companies will mutate in order to survive. Somewhat disappointingly, […]

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Do They Mean Us?

After weeks where I have been preoccupied with the fantastic Commons vote that will see a Fair Deal for your Local and 15,000 tenanted pubs across the UK, time for a blog on everyday political matters. Political debate this weekend has largely been based on an apparently entirely coincidental attempt by senior Tories and Lib […]

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It’s been a good week all in all – as Tuesday’s tremendous and game-changing Commons vote to give tied publicans a Market Rent Only option to allow them to trade freely shows. Despite some predictably ridiculous scaremongering spin from the failed pubco lobbyists, many journalists were able to see right through it. I got a […]

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