Liberal Democrat Party Elections: thank you!

The results of the biennial Liberal Democrat elections for the party (as represented by Conference representatives, for federal party committees were revealed today.

The full results, for connoisseurs of the Single Transferable Vote (the best voting system there is) are at

I’m pleased to say that I was re-elected to the Federal Policy Committee, and rejoined the Federal Conference Committee after I stood down in 2008. I enjoyed a better vote on FPC than last time, when I was elected with fewer first preference votes than any other successful candidate. I was very pleased with my vote on the Conference Committee, too, some of which I suspect was due to the stance I took on accreditation and the importance of debating key policy issues.

I’m sad that a number of diligent and hard-working colleagues who have served for the last two years weren’t re-elected – too many to mention. There was a significant turnover, the causes of which are unclear.

The job of the Policy Committee in particular in the next two years will be critical, as manifesto development work commences alongside ‘business as usual’ development of party policy in a number of key areas and the challenges of Government. The forthcoming challenge of keeping at bay Conservative plans not in the Coalition Agreement for further welfare cuts that cannot but target some of the most vulnerable people in society is not far away.

In this, I will mention just one person; my second preference (who would have got my vote had I not been elected), Prateek Buch, who joins FPC for the first time. His policy analysis and work at developing ideas based on firm evidence and social Liberal principles will be critical in the two years ahead.

Thanks to all those who supported me again.

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  1. Steve November 12, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    Congratulations Gareth on your re-election. I’m glad that there are still some like you and Evan with views I recall the party once had, being elected to policy making bodies. I hope you will make a difference in what has now become what Roy Jenkins feared at the time of merger – “a right little tight little party”!

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