Fair Deal for your Local? La Reine le veult!

So…. at long last, we have it.  The Fair Deal for your Local campaign has success as the Small Business Act became law on Thursday.  The pub trade has a positive future to match the wonderful amount of enterprise in Britain’s microbrewing sector.  The simple fact is that because publicans in tied pubs will now […]

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“Economic Liberals” fail numeracy test! 

Relations between Nick Clegg and his fan club of economic liberals appear to have broken down, according to a peculiar article in the Guardian.  It quotes the tiny Liberal Reform group, hitherto notable for their support for the leader being shriller the less popular the leader gets, as saying the party’s spending plans don’t add up […]

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The Beer Orders Mark 2: will the pubcos be allowed to get away with it?

A quarter of a century ago, famously, the Thatcher Government created a monster when it introduced the Beer Orders, breaking up the breweries’ pub estates and in theory ushering in a new era of freedom for Britain’s pubs.   Well, not quite….. as Roger Protz’s excellent history of the time spells out, the industry through […]

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That Manifesto “Front Page” In Full…

Nick Clegg has published what is claimed to be the front page of the Party’s manifesto. This comes as a surprise to members of the party’s Federal Policy Committee for reasons probably best not gone into here. For my part I can now say what I said at the most recent meeting of that committee […]

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2015: can it get worse for the Lib Dems?

2014 was every bit as bad as it could be for the Liberal Democrats. Not only did the party come much closer than many thought to a total wipe-out in the European elections but a series of disasters combined to leave morale just about as low as it could be. While those Lib Dems involved […]

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