That Manifesto ‘Leak’

Yesterday an image was leaked of Nick Clegg’s; sorry, the Liberal Democrats’ strategy chief Ryan Coetzee holding what appeared to be the front page of the first draft of the Party’s manifesto. (It appeared via a scurrilous social media site that I will not dignify with a link) It has been generally assumed that such […]

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Unbelievably Stupid

There is no other way to describe the decision to make Danny Alexander the economic spokesperson for the Lib Dems at the General Election. That is all. socialise this:

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The significance of Jeremy Browne’s decision to stand down (rough draft)

This may be a bit of a stream of consciousness, penned as it was without access to links and while going through some righteous anger at the state of the UK telecoms industry. The decision of Jeremy Browne to announce with less than seven months to go that he won’t be seeking re-election as an […]

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Are tax cuts exactly what we do not need?

Former Special Advisor to Vince Cable, Giles Wilkes, has written a compelling piece [paywall] about the political failure of Nick Clegg’s strategic move of the Liberal Democrats to a party that supports tax cuts. It raises a number of questions that Liberal Democrats would do well to know the answer to: not least ‘if this […]

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Presidential Questions: Liz Lynne replies

Liz Lynne has replied to my questions to candidates, and her answers are reprinted in full below. With some speculation over who will be validly nominated, I will pause a little before giving my views on all four answers. The reason I want to be President is that I want the Party to get back […]

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